LUX is a pop writer/artist who’s presence is no stranger to the EDM community. Sought out by DJs all over the world to produce topline hits, she has generated a whirlwind of success including her latest collaboration "Why Do I" with Australian DJ duo NERVO. Past collaborations such as “Lullaby by Bassanova, “Lights Out by Ken Loi ft. Vanto and “Falling Apart by Osen & Chronos – both released under the Armada label played a critical role in establishing her as a skilled topline writer and vocalist. In addition to working with larger-scale DJs and labels, her collaboration with Australian DJ Benibee on the independently released track “One Taste received radio play due to its mass popularity. Her recognition as a topline writer quickly gave way to a solo project. LUX introduced her transition from writer to artist with a series of vlog episodes called findingLUX. The episodes reached over 50,000 views within days of its premiere from fans anticipating her new music. As a result, she gained the attention of label and industry heads. Since then, LUX partnered with Soundly Music (the Orchard) and debuted her single, “Catch Me If You Can” on August 18th. Her success keeps climbing and can be attributed to her unique ability to channel the cadence and needs of each track, whether for DJs or for her own project. It’s clear her brand of music is in constant demand. With new music on its way and a growing repertoire of music partnerships, this Nashville native won’t stay hidden from the world much longer.


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